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Smart Home Automation Puts the Control of Your Home at Your Fingertips.

It allows you to create atmospheric lighting or turn on your heating, at the touch of a button. This level of comfort and ease is created by integrating smart home systems into your house and connecting them to function through mobile devices or by voice activation.

Smart home automation from KNP Electrics can help to lower energy usage by automatically regulating temperature and shutting off lights when no motion is detected in a room. It can also work to improve your home’s security by giving you the ability to lock doors remotely, and schedule lights to turn on and off to give the appearance of someone being home.

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Benefits of Smart Home Automation Systems.


Increasing the security of your home is always a good idea and smart homes can increase your security ten-fold. KNP Electrics can install home security systems such as boundary perimeters, cameras, or automatic locking and unlocking, to make for a secure home that alerts you of security breaches wherever you are.

Advanced camera security features such as monitoring movement at your front door allows you to see when packages are delivered or unlock the front door to allow someone to go inside. Get in touch with the team today to find out more about the extensive security features of smart homes.

Energy efficiency

At KNP Electrics we understand traditional electrical systems often aren’t very energy efficient. With smart home systems, you can regulate your home’s temperature and automatically switch off lights when no motion is detected, drastically reducing energy costs.

Home automation systems feature energy tracking technology so you can monitor power usage and make changes where necessary to decrease your usage and your power bill. When deciding on which smart systems you wish to install, take careful consideration of those that traditionally draw the most power and opt for smart options where possible.

Easy management

Although the complexity of smart home technology can be intimidating for some, when it is installed by a professional electrical business like KNP, we make it easy for you to take complete control of your home.

KNP Electrics can help you automate your lighting, audiovisual systems, security systems, etc, and sync each one together so you have everything you need to control your home in the one place.


Although trusting the care of your home to an automated system can be frightening, the safety and security of smart home automation are second to none. For security, a smart home can be fitted with cameras and sensors that identify any security threat and either notify you via an app alert or sound an alarm to scare off potential intruders.

The safety features of a home automation can include smoke detectors that when triggered automatically turn on a sprinkler system throughout the home as well as blocking off the home’s main gas valve.

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Smart Home Features.

As expert smart home installers, KNP Electrics ensures every aspect of your home is functioning seamlessly and can be easily accessed and controlled.

Remote access

An effective smart home allows you to remotely access and control the functions of your home for added convenience and security.

Smart hubs

A smart hub is the control system of a smart home and allows each smart system to be connected in one centralised location.

Distributed home audio

For the music lovers, a smart home can integrate speakers in various rooms of the house to function as one.

Home theatre

Home automation allows for the control of sound and lighting to truly immerse yourself in a cinematic experience.

Lighting control

To create a certain atmosphere, home automation can individualise lighting colours and designs to match your mood or theme.

Advanced surveillance

Whether you are at home or away, smart homes can offer 24/7 surveillance with integrated camera systems or property perimeter alerts.


Smart home automation works by allowing you to coordinate your lighting, heating, and cooling systems, audiovisual systems, and appliances through the use of a smart home hub or via multiple mobile devices. This level of automation creates a centralised approach to home management and allows for added control over the functions of your home.

No matter where in the world you are, you can have complete control over your smart home. From turning on and off security lights to allowing the dog walker to enter your home and locking the door after they’ve left. These smart systems are designed to increase the functionality and comfort of your home. As we all lead busier and busier lives, simplifying the running of your home is a major way in which you can save time, energy, and money

Smart homes allow for the continued control and management of your home’s smart systems whilst you are home or away. These smart systems can include, appliances, heating and cooling systems, music and televisions, property perimeters, blinds and shades, garage doors, and security systems.

One of the many benefits of installing smart home technology is that you can set pre-programmed functions to activate at varying times. For example, you could set up a sequence of functions for when you arrive home., which could include unlocking your front door, disarming the security system, turning on your heating or cooling and boiling the kettle.

For many, the initial cost of installing a smart home system can be off-putting. However, the real economic effect comes from the money you will save over time especially in regard to energy costs. Because everyone’s home and needs are unique, each smart home installation will be different. Therefore, we tailor each quote for your needs and your home.

The greatest investment for your smart home automation system are items that bring the greatest benefit, such as home security, or systems that draw the most power, such as, lighting. If you are practical with the smart home functions you choose, you will quickly see the benefit and cost-effectiveness of a smart home.

In today’s age of technology, the addition of smart home automation can increase the value of your home. As smart home automation technology advances, more people are seeing the many benefits it can bring to their lives and are looking for it within the homes they buy.

Initial improvements like smart lights or automated security systems can add value where people see the benefits most. From there, further systems can be installed to add additional value, such as smart heating and cooling systems. Many potential homebuyers will also see the added value in these additions.

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