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When it comes to residential electricians, KNP Electrics strive to be the go-to company for domestic electrical services of the highest calibre. From the thoroughness of our installation services to the cleanliness of your home once we leave, the team at KNP know what quality is.

Our electrical services for Perth homeowners, extend from the interior of your home to its exterior. Our team follow high standards set by the jobs project manager and a comprehensive quality assurance checklist. This ensures our residential electricians provide superior results time and time again.

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Our Residential Electrical Services.

KNP Electrics offer the following residential electrical services:

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Residential Lighting Design & Installation.

The installation of lighting within an existing build or a new home should always take a considered and measured approach. When you use KNP Electrics for your electrical services in Perth, we discuss your lighting design needs and assess the space.

This thorough method allows us to better understand your aims and helps us to highlight the architectural aspects of your home that generate wow factor. All our domestic electrical services are tailored to your individual needs and we are flexible in our approach to offer you the best possible outcome for your home.

Well-designed home with quality lighting to brighten the living area

Interior lighting design solutions

As experienced residential electricians in Perth, we understand your interior lighting needs. Certain rooms will require different lighting designs and styles to achieve the right ambience, whilst still being practical and functional. The ability lights have to create an inviting environment, is what makes our interior lighting design so important.

Exterior lighting design solutions

Landscape lighting makes your outdoor space truly come alive at night. The right exterior lighting is natural, neutral, and creates warmth and comfort within your outdoor space. For example, illuminating pathways is a practical way to add light whilst increasing your gardens useability.


Domestic electricians are responsible for the installation, upgrades, or maintenance of any electrical work that is not able to be performed by the homeowner, in line with the Australian Standard 3000:2007 “Electrical installations or Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules

Most commonly, domestic electricians are needed for the maintenance, repair, and installation of electrical systems in existing homes and new builds. For older homes, electricians may need to replace old wiring that is worn out or cannot cope with the larger amounts of power modern electrical appliances draw.

In new builds, domestic electricians are responsible for the design of the interior and exterior lighting of a home in conjunction with you. Often this involves walking through the construction site to identify your needs and the best places for lighting, switches, power points, and other electrical appliances.

Rewiring is a service best performed by a certified residential electrician in Perth. Not only is it an extremely dangerous task but left unattended it has the potential to cause house fires. A qualified residential electrician is able to perform the rewiring of part or the entirety of your home safely and efficiently to have your power back up and running in no time. Key indicators that your home requires rewiring are:

• Scorch marks around outlets
• Hot or vibrating wall outlets
• Flickering or dimming lights
• Fuses blowing regularly
• Burning or odd smells
• Mild electric shocks
• Buzzing sounds

The complex nature of electrical systems and appliances means performing even simple fixes is not as straight forward as you might think. A large part of being a residential electrician is troubleshooting. Not only does it require great skill and knowledge, but it also requires the correct tooling and equipment.

Trying to repair or install an electrical feature yourself can often lead to the need for a professional electrician anyhow. The interference of an unexperienced person commonly results in a much higher bill than if an electrician had been called from the beginning.

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