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Is your air conditioning unit in desperate need of a service or repair? Do you need to install a new air conditioning system to get through the scorching summer? KNP Electrics air conditioning services in Perth can provide the supply, installation, removal, relocation, repair, and servicing of many makes and models of air conditioning units. Whether you know which system you would like to install or if you are looking for a professional recommendation, the team at KNP can help.

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Residential Air Conditioning Perth.

Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning units are incredibly efficient for what they offer and solve the problem of heating and cooling within the one system. Reverse cycle or split system units perform to a high standard in any kind of weather conditions and are well suited if you need to cool large areas of your home or business.

Evaporative air conditioning in Perth

For Perth’s dry heat conditions, evaporative air conditioning works wonders. The systems work by pulling warm air through a cooling system and distributing this air through air vents. These units are easy to maintain and efficient to run, as they use considerably less energy than refrigerated systems.

Ducted air conditioning in Perth

Installing ducted air conditioning in your Perth home offers the ultimate in cooling. This type of reverse cycle air conditioning system pumps cool or warm air through your home via ducts located in the ceiling or floor. If you have a larger property or a multi-story home, ducted air conditioning provides controlled temperature throughout your entire home.

Commercial Air Conditioning Perth.

Office air conditioning

When multiple people are working in one space, issues can arise when team members feel the heat and cold differently. Effective office air conditioning works to make sure everyone is comfortable and can work productively. In larger spaces, there can be hot and cold spots that the heating and cooling system can’t reach. KNP can help you find the right system for your needs and install it quickly and efficiently, to make your office space more enjoyable.

Factory air conditioning

For those performing physical labour on factory floors, the heat and cold can affect them substantially. Finding the right system for your factory type and layout makes a huge difference to team morale and efficiency. The team at KNP Electrics can help you to find the right solution for your factory and install a comprehensive system that provides your team with the relief they need on sweltering days.

Restaurant air conditioning

The number one rule in hospitality is making sure the customer is looked after. This extends to ensuring your café or restaurant is a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Our team will offer a recommendation based on budget, area size, kitchen environment, and building design. We then walk through the premises to decide on vent locations to ensure even distribution of air throughout the space.

Retail air conditioning

When customers enter your store, the environment must be comfortable. A retail store that is too hot or cold will deter customers from entering or staying in your store long enough to make a purchase.

Because retail spaces demand much more regulated temperatures to increase customer comfort, the system will be placed under additional load. This means that it is important to install the correct air conditioning system for your requirements and shop size.

Air Conditioning Installation in Perth.

As important as it is to find the right air conditioning system for your home or business, the correct installation plays a huge role in ensuring the system functions properly all year round. Poorly installed systems can easily be identified in a few ways. Often this includes running problems, lack of efficiency, and decreased lifespan of the system. Because air conditioning systems often involve complicated electrical components, it takes a highly skilled technician to install them safely.

The team of experienced electricians at KNP Electrics know how to install a variety of systems. Each system requires vastly different skills and techniques for an effective and efficient install. So, finding the right installation service is key to an air conditioning system that performs reliably for the long term. To ensure your home or business is comfortable for those living and working within it, we offer a fast turnaround on all our air conditioner installations.

Air conditioning installed in bespoke Perth apartment

Air Conditioning Repair.

Air conditioning units are often used on and off throughout the entire year, and sometimes for both heating and cooling. This consistent use means key components can wear out over time, leaving you without much-needed climate control.

KNP Electrics’ air conditioning repair service in Perth can have your system back up and running quickly and efficiently so you are not left sweltering in the heat or shivering in the cold. Stay alert for the following signs that could be an indication your air conditioner needs a repair.

Expensive energy bills

Often, we see that when an air conditioner is struggling to run as efficiently as it should be, the first sign is identified in an expensive power bill. If you notice a sharp increase in your power bill that is out of the ordinary, it may be a good indication that your air conditioner needs a service.

Inconsistent temperature

As soon as you notice that your air conditioning system is not providing the level of comfort it normally does on the same setting, call KNP Electrics for a repair service. Inconsistent temperature is a key indicator that the unit is struggling to produce warm or cool air to the same capacity it is normally.

Strange smells or sounds

Air conditioners are a great tool for freshening the air, so if you smell anything unusual when using your unit, it could be an indicator that it needs a thorough clean or service. Any unusual sounds should also be taken seriously, as this can be a key sign the internal fan system is malfunctioning.

Leaks or excessive moisture

The nature of evaporative air conditioning systems means they will have small amounts of water dripping off the outside unit. However, if this level increases or you notice moisture inside your home or business, the unit is not functioning correctly and needs to be serviced by a professional.

KNP's electrical maintenance service vehicles parked in front of a tree in Perth

Air Conditioning Service.

Keeping your air conditioning unit up to date with servicing is important to ensure it performs effectively when you need it most. It is never enjoyable sweltering through a heatwave at home with no air conditioning or having uncomfortable customers and staff members during the winter cold snap. The benefits of a well-maintained air conditioning unit include:

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