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Commercial electrical services

Do you own a business or commercial premises? If so, you have more than likely required the services of a commercial electrician at some stage. KNP Electrics are the trusted commercial electricians in Perth who work to provide you and your business with fast repair, maintenance, or installation of any commercial electrical needs.

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What is a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians are most commonly used during the construction of commercial buildings and throughout their lifetime as electrical systems need upgrades, repairs, or maintenance.

As commercial electricians in Perth, the team at KNP Electrics are responsible for ensuring your property has the correct electrical systems needed to accommodate various functions and significant demand from users. Our quality electrical services include:

Why use a commercial electrician?

Commercial buildings commonly house multiple complex electrical systems, including, heating and cooling systems, extensive data cabling, and audio-visual systems. The extensive networks within these buildings mean you will require specialised electrical services to install, maintain, and repair these systems to a high-quality to ensure no future loses of infrastructure occur.

The team at KNP Electrics Perth are certified and experienced commercial electricians. Our knowledge in this area means we are equipped with the know-how and skills to effectively manage the electrical systems of commercial buildings. Get in touch with our team today.

Commercial fit outs

Are you moving into a new commercial space? Do you need to expand your current fit out to accommodate new employees or facilities? The team at KNP Electrics offer commercial electrical fit out solutions that focus on your needs and ensure the space can support the operations of your business without fault. Our commercial fit outs are available for any commercial space including, retail, hospitality, and office spaces.

For your commercial business we can:

Electrical compliance

To meet compliance standards in Australia, you will need to have the electrical components of your commercial business checked regularly. It ensures the safety of those within the building and means any issues can be addressed, recorded, and monitored for future compliance inspections.

KNP Electrics offer thorough electrical compliance services. They involve the testing of the buildings electrical systems, exit lighting, safety mechanisms and more. Also, note that many insurance policies are voided without regular electrical compliance checks.

Electrical maintenance

When your commercial building is left without access to some or all of your electrical services it can cause huge productivity and financial loses for your business. To avoid electrical faults and other issues with your electrical systems, we recommend scheduling regular maintenance with a trusted electrical service, like KNP Electrics.

Our commercial building maintenance is a regular service that includes comprehensive testing and checking of your electrical systems to detect any faults and prolong system life. The size and function of your commercial building will determine how often it will require a maintenance service. Get in touch with us today to schedule your commercial building’s maintenance.

Commercial design & installation.

A well-planned electrical design for your commercial building is a crucial part of an effective electrical system. KNP Electrics take careful consideration of the design of your commercial building and ensure the electrical systems installed complement its overall functionality and useability. Whether it is a new or existing build, we have all your electrical requirements covered.

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No matter the needs of your commercial building, the team at KNP Electrics can help find the ideal lighting for your space.

Smoke alarm installations

An effective smoke alarm system is essential in the event of a fire. KNP Electrics can install smoke alarms to ensure the safety of those within your property.

Exit & emergency lighting installation

The highly skilled electricians at KNP Electrics are experts at the installation of exit signage and emergency lighting systems to increase building safety.

Residual current devices installation (RCD)

RCDs are crucial in shutting off electrical current to prevent electrical shock. KNP Electrics can install RCD devices in new and existing commercial buildings.

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How KNP can help.

Commercial Electrician Perth – KNP Electrics offer a range of commercial electrical services:

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