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Personal Electrical Services for Your New Home.

Building a new home can be one of the biggest projects you take on in your lifetime. Not only is it a huge task, but also at times can be a stressful one. At KNP Electrics we understand the pressure for the final outcome to be everything you dreamed.

Our team works alongside you to ensure the electrical plan suits the structure of your home and requirements. Our new home electricians will deliver a service that provides innovative solutions and technology, all the while, working within the unique construction of your new home.

Nice living room with quality lighting installed by KNP that matches the interior design

New Build Electrical Installations.

At KNP Electrics, we appreciate that each home is different and needs an individualised electrical design to complement its structure. This includes creating lighting that reflects your home’s distinct features, and network systems that support the technological features you want it to have. As experienced new home electricians, we identify the electrical systems and functions that bring great benefit and usability to your home.

We always keep in mind budgetary requirements and can find the middle ground that offers effective results within cost. With KNP Electrics you can trust everything will be performed to the highest standard, within budget, and on time.

What to Consider for Your New Build Electrical Plan.

Furniture layout

When designing your new electrical system there are several factors you need to consider, including where your furniture will be placed relative to your light switches and power outlets. Careful consideration ensures furniture such as bedside tables will have power points for lamps and phone chargers and ensure televisions will have sufficient antenna cables.

Electrical socket positions

Often, it’s not until after you have moved into your new home that you realise an electrical socket has been placed in an inconvenient location. KNP Electrics thorough electrical design helps to avoid this occurring. We take the time to understand where you will be placing electrical items and furniture to ensure sockets are always accessible.

Light switch placement

As new home electricians, KNP knows the best way to decide on light switch placement is to walk through your new build. This gives you a real-time experience of the most convenient locations. For example, a hallway will commonly have a switch at either end, whereas a bedroom would most likely only need one.

Dining lighting

Dining lighting can be tricky because where your table will be situated isn’t always the centre of the room. However, most people want their dining table to be well lit. Therefore, KNP recommends walking through your new build to decide roughly where you think the table will sit and that will be the best place for lighting.

Outside lighting

Outside lighting can benefit your home not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also for security purposes. KNP can install outside lights to emphasise the architectural highlights of your home, and motion sensor or floodlights can be used to deter any potential theft or trespassing.

Smart home automation

If you are wanting to add smart home features to your new build it’s important to identify which ones will benefit you most. Common features include smart lighting to create ambience, through to home security alarm systems for added safety. Get in touch with KNP Electrics for a full range of smart home services.

Most importantly, talk to a professional

The most important consideration when undertaking any electrical work is to speak with a certified new home electrician such as KNP Electrics. As experts in the industry, we will be able to assist you with any queries or questions you have and will provide the perfect solution for your new home.

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