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Be Proactive with Your Electrical Systems.

At KNP Electrics, we often find by the time an electrical fault is identified, there can already be significant damage to the electrical circuit or connected appliances. It is recommended that you have your business’ electrical systems assessed every three to five years. This allows for recommended electrical maintenance to take place. In turn, decreasing the likelihood of issues occurring in the future which could lead to hazards such as, electrical shock or fire.

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Signs You Need a Perth Electrical Maintenance Contractor.

If you notice any of the following signs at your business, you will need a professional electrical maintenance service from KNP Electrics. These signs can include:

Our Electrical Maintenance Services.

Post fit out maintenance

Moving your business into a brand new or existing space is an exciting prospect. However, the electrical needs of your business can often be overlooked, and it is not until you have moved in that you realise the functionality or useability of the space is not working. KNP Electrics offer post fit out maintenance services to ensure the electrical circuits and systems are functioning as they should and have the capacity to service your organisation.

Compliance safety checks

To avoid any damage to your business or harm to its occupants, it is important to ensure your property is compliant with Australian standards. When you move into a new business or an existing structure, it is crucial to be proactive with your compliance checks before any incidents occur. As certified electrical maintenance electricians, KNP are able to fully assess your Perth business and fix any issues that need to be addressed.

Preventative electrical maintenance

As a commercial business, having your plant and equipment running effectively is a huge aspect of what makes your business productive. When a piece of equipment loses power or your infrastructure is unable to cope with the electrical capacity, you could be facing some serious downtime. KNP Electrics offer 24/7 commercial electrical maintenance services to get your Perth business back up and running. We find the correct solution for you to minimise the likelihood of a similar event occurring again.

Safety switch testing

Not only are safety switches a legal requirement in Australia for businesses, but they’re also the first point of call in preventing electrical shock, should something go wrong. Safety switches monitor electricity flow and if any imbalance is identified they shut off the building’s power supply. KNP offer electrical maintenance of safety switches to ensure they are functioning properly and make any repairs needed to meet compliance regulations.

Electrical fault finding

A singular fault going undetected can create severe electrical damage to your business and employees. If you notice even the tiniest inconsistency or any warning signs your electrical circuits may be compromised, call a certified electrical maintenance electrician in Perth to perform a fault-finding service. The team at KNP will identify the root of the issue and repair any faults throughout the electrical circuit as well as any affected electrical appliances.

Switchboard upgrades

Switchboards are the control system for electrical currents throughout your business. They’re responsible for the distribution of electricity and if they fail to work properly you could end up facing serious consequences. At KNP Electrics we recommend that you treat your switchboard as you would anything else that requires regular servicing. Our team can assess your switchboards function, ensure it is up to code, and perform any fixes required.

How KNP Electrics Can Help.

KNP Electrics offer the following electrical maintenance services in Perth and surrounds.

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