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Most homes and businesses in Perth have data cabling needs. Data cabling is the connection and operating of cables to one or multiple sources. If you’re building a new structure or moving into an existing home or office space, you will need to assess your data cabling installation requirements. This ensures every room is equipped for your electrical needs.

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Data cabling installation being performed by an electrician from KNP

Our Data Cabling Installations in Perth Include:

KNP Electrics data cabling installation services are performed by certified electricians who can discuss the needs of your home or business to decide the best data cabling and network solutions.

New Data Cabling Installations & Data Networking.

Are you updating your cabling to support faster internet speeds? Or installing a data network in a new build? KNP Electrics data cabling installation service provides you with a comprehensive solution from start to finish.

Depending on the requirements of your home or business, we identify the correct cabling and network systems which can support your needs. This allows us to ensure that you always have access to a fast, secure, and efficient data system.

An effective data cabling and network installation service will allow for the growth of your business or expansion of your home. This ensures that if additional devices are added to the network it will be able to cope without reducing its capacity or speed.

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Cables being networked together by KNP electrical services

Benefits of a Structured Home Data Network.

Structured home data networks function effectively because their functions are broken down into subsystems. This means issues which affect one area of your data network will not cause the entire system to crash. Other benefits include:

Once you have established a structured home data network, it makes expanding the network when new technology arises more manageable. If you renovate, it also allows the network to easily grow to accommodate the expansion of your home.

Data Cabling Installation Services.

Phone points & data points

Do you need additional phone or data points in your home or office? KNP Electrics can supply and install the additional outlets and associated systems. This service may be needed if you have expanded your home or office, or if you need to replace existing points as technology advances.

The team at KNP Electrics work with you to identify the right places to install new phone and data points for maximum practicality and functionality. Depending on the needs of your home or business, we can offer customised solutions to ensure you are getting the most out of your phone and data systems

Structured cabling

Data networks are the backbone of an office environment and the centre of our entertainment services in our home. This is why we recommend making sure that these data cabling networks are structured. A structured cable network can support multiple devices and systems. These systems may function separately, but they share the same cable infrastructures. KNP Electrics can rework your current cabling system so it can handle increased loads and additional technological devices. Having a home or business that has structured cabling will make it easier if your property expands in size or occupant volume.

Residential & Commercial Networking.

KNP Electrics experienced team can install and maintain both residential and commercial networks to ensure they can handle the load placed on them without faults or loses of connection.

We understand how important a quality networking system is for your home or business and work with you to create a network that can support those who use it.


Residential networking is the installation and maintenance of systems that support devices and functions such as:


Commercial networking systems are larger commercial-sized systems that can handle greater loads and more devices. These could include:

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