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Efficient Electrical Services Can Reduce Stress in Your Home Renovation.

Hidden or additional costs during a home renovation can put extra stress on you. The best way to avoid this happening is to have a thorough plan before beginning your renovation. At KNP Electrics, we take the time to properly plan how we will rewire your renovated home and the best ways to enhance its architectural elements.

In our planning we take into consideration energy efficiency and cost effectiveness to ensure the best value for you. For an electrical service that is always on time, takes pride in their work, and is well presented, KNP Electrics is your go-to for all your electrical home renovation needs

Common House Renovation Electrical Services.

KNP Electrics’ extensive experience as home renovation electricians means we have every aspect of your refurbishment under control. Although our experienced team can meet any need you may have throughout the renovation process, the common house renovation electrical services we offer are as follows.

House rewiring

Having the rewiring of your home done by a professional electrical service such as KNP Electrics is imperative. Proper wiring protects you and your family and decreases the likelihood of electrical faults, which can lead to electrical shocks or house fires.

Outdoor electrics

Renovations of outdoor areas are becoming increasingly popular as more people want enjoyable areas to relax with family and friends. If you are looking to add lighting to your pool, create a lighting design to highlight your garden, or add a cooling system to your gazebo, KNP Electrics will meet all your needs.

Lighting upgrades

Updating the lighting fixtures or adding extra lighting within a home can create a huge difference in both its look and feel. Our experienced home renovation electricians at KNP offer a professional service that includes every aspect of upgrading your home’s current lighting.

Home entertainment

A home entertainment centre within an existing lounge room can make a huge difference in the way you consume media. KNP Electrics will install and set up your home entertainment system for the use of appliances such as gaming consoles, televisions, surround sound systems, or home theatres.

Kitchen electrical upgrade

One of the leading renovations performed by homeowners today is upgrades to their kitchen. These upgrades could include installing new appliances, adding additional power outlets, or the complete wiring of your new kitchen. If you are looking for a quality upgrade, get in touch with, the knowledgeable team at KNP Electrics.

Bathroom upgrades

Modern bathroom upgrades now include many electrical components such as, energy efficient LED lighting, comprehensive ventilation systems, backlit mirrors, towel warmers, and more. KNP Electrics take careful planning to ensure your needs are meet and your bathroom has superior useability, practicality, and function.

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New Home Projects.

When building a new home, it’s comforting to know your electrician has as much passion and care for your new home as you do. At KNP Electrics, our team is dedicated to making sure your requirements are met, and your expectations exceeded. KNP works alongside you to find the right solution every step of the way.

Dedicated to Quality.

Everything we do at KNP Electrics has a heavy focus on quality. We ensure this through quality assurance checklists and dedicated project managers, so every job is completed to the same high standard. Our dedication to quality shines through in every project, no matter the size of the job.

We consistently review our work and processes to guarantee our services are continuously improving. Our project management oversight and monitoring, checklists, and review procedure, make sure you are receiving a superior electrical service. This high quality extends from our workmanship to the cleanliness and pride we take in our work.

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Although we don’t’ recommend you do your own electrical work, you can perform the following tasks without the need for a certified electrician.

  • Change light bulbs – make sure you use correctly rated globes for your fitting
  • Install battery-operated smoke detectors
  • Install some self-contained solar lights
  • Install garden lights
  • Install pond pumps

Trying to do any additional electrical work other than this could lead to serious harm to yourself, others, or your property. In Australia, all electrical work must meet certain standards as outlined by Australian Standard 3000:2007 “Electrical installations or Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules. If it does not meet these standards your electrical work is classified as illegal and should be removed and refitted by a professional. Please note, any electrical work that does not meet standards or is performed by an unqualified person could void insurance policies.

In Australia, any electrical work that involves replacing, altering, maintaining, manufacturing, installing, testing, repairing, or removing any electrical equipment needs to be performed by a licensed and insured home renovation electrician.

Some examples of electrical services only a professional can perform are:

  • Installing or changing the location of a power outlet
  • Constructing a power board or extension cord
  • Replacing a light within a ceiling fan
  • Repairing or testing appliances
  • Replacing a plug on a lead
  • Replacing light switches

Licensed electricians should have a minimum $5 million public liability insurance in case any issues occur in the long-term.

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