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Transform Your Outdoor Area.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Perth.

Landscape lighting is an aspect of your home where minimal input can create maximum impact. It only takes a few well-placed lights to create a dramatic effect on your garden and outdoor area. KNP Electrics are certified landscape lighting electricians and will plan the ideal landscape lighting layout for your home.

Landscape lighting doesn’t just create a beautiful ambience, it also acts as a security feature to deter trespassers and makes navigating your home at night safer. Research has shown, effective landscape lighting also benefits your home by adding perceived curb appeal and value to your home.

Outdoor feature area with warm lights

What a Landscape Lighting Electrician Will Do for Your Home.

Ambiance & entertainment

To highlight the features of your outdoor area and make it inviting, we recommend investing in landscape lighting. The right landscape lighting electrician can create a relaxed ambience across your garden, from the patio to the pool. If you regularly entertain or just want to enjoy your backyard in comfort, contact KNP Electrics for premium landscape lighting.


KNP can find the right lighting to emphasise the striking lines of your home’s exterior and its outdoor features. This could start with the roofline of your home and extend to pools, fountains, or garden beds. Landscape lighting increases the appeal of your home and makes spending time outside enjoyable.


Well-lit homes often deter potential theft or trespassing as opposed to a dimly lit house. KNP Electrics can place security lightings near the front and rear doors, garages, and the sides of houses. This not only makes it easier to unlock the front door of a night-time but creates an uninviting environment for intruders.


For added security and accessibility, floodlights can provide the ideal solution. They are triggered by motion which means they save energy, and you won’t have to remember to turn them on and off. Traditionally, floodlights only created light in a circle. KNP now have options with multiple light beams in multiple directions for added convenience.


An un-lit pathway or set of steps can easily become a huge safety concern at night-time. When you have your lighting installed by a landscape lighting electrician like KNP Electrics, we mount lights in the right position to decrease any potential trip hazards.

Added value

KNP’s garden and outdoor lighting often increases the street appeal of your home significantly. It improves the look of your home and emphasises it’s architecture. If you are looking to sell your home, outdoor lighting is looked upon favourably by potential buyers as it creates a charm many houses don’t have.

Electrical Landscape Design.

Finding the right electrical landscape design for your garden can be difficult. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking more is more. However, landscape lighting works best when it is understated and carefully planned. As landscape lighting electricians, KNP recommends identifying which areas of your garden you want to be focal points, as well as, where you need additional lighting, such as along paths or in a sitting area.

Over capitalising on lighting not only creates an overwhelming look but also increases your power bill. Carefully considering your landscape lighting design will ensure it is environmentally friendly and isn’t drawing excessive power for limited benefit. We suggest using LED lights that draw little power and create natural warm light that simulates that of the night sky.

Outdoor water feature with lighting surrounds
luxury backyard with nice lighting

Garden lighting.

An inviting and enjoyable outdoor area can be achieved through effective garden lighting. The right garden lighting should highlight the most eye-catching areas of your landscape and make it easy to navigate your outdoor space at night. Our team of landscape lighting electricians can help achieve an attractive and accessible garden which brings benefits of both safety and practicality.

Well-lit paths minimise trips or falls, as well as creating a beautiful line of light leading toward areas of your garden or home. If there is a tree or garden bed that offers striking features during the day, we recommend illuminating the area at night. Allowing you to enjoy your garden throughout the entire day and creating focal points within the space.

Pool Lighting.

Whether you are installing a new pool or wanting to upgrade the lighting in your existing pool, the landscape lighting electricians at KNP Electrics can assist. The main factors that need to be taken into consideration are the size and shape of your pool, as well as the effect you are hoping to achieve.

Pools that are shaped with a bend in them, such as an L shape pool, will need lights at the turn to remove dark spots. and larger pools will need additional lighting compared to smaller pools. Depending on your needs, lighting can be put on a timer. This reduces energy consumption, as well as decreasing the chances of the lights being left on during the day.

view of pool and well-lit home

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