What is Commercial Electrical

Construction site where electrical services are being performed

When it comes to commercial and residential electrical systems, they couldn’t be more different. From the set up to the way each system runs, they require a certain level of expertise and care to run effectively.

For example, commercial electrical systems are complex when it comes to the components needed to power a commercial building. This means they require more attention and regular maintenance that untrained personnel cannot handle.

The tasks can vary from:

  • rewiring a system
  • installing a system
  • conducting maintenance checks
  • ensuring the safe operation of the electrical system.

Because these are complex systems they require a highly trained professional electrician that can conduct these tasks safely and correctly.

As a commercial property or building owner, it is important to understand the ins and outs of commercial electrics. By having this information made available to you, you can confidently move forward in choosing a commercial electrician that aligns with your business.

So what do you need to know about commercial electrical systems?

Depending on the size of the commercial property, the building’s electrical system makes use of a larger electrical capacity to function. Which means that having a proper installation is essential to keeping it stable.

To power a commercial building, an organized electrical system is required. This establishes that the electricity is running smoothly through the entire complex. It also ensures that the building is free of electrical hazards and does not compromise anyone’s safety.

A commercial electrical system uses a different electrical procedure to operate compared to residential and industrial systems. Commercial properties tend to utilise more complex wiring systems, phases of power, and different conduits.

These elements provide the system with the capability to operate smoothly. Minimising the risk of accidents and hazards that you would come across on a commercial property.

Installing commercial electrical systems

The installation of a commercial electrical system requires careful planning and surveying of the building before any initial action is taken. A professional electrical installation service will understand this and carefully review the layout of the building.

Once they have a clear understanding of the commercial project they will strategize how the system can be safely installed. This will include a comprehensive list of what wiring will be used, the equipment needed, and much more.

Here are some key points that a commercial electrician considers:

Type of Wiring to Use: A good commercial electrician will consider what type of wiring is required and the sheathing used to protect it. Some wiring will be set in open spaces to allow for quick access. Which is why selecting wire prior to the installation is an important safety measure.

Use of a Conduit – While residential homes are designed to have the wiring hidden, commercial electrical wiring is often exposed. The wiring will usually run through the ceiling or surface of a wall. The use of a conduit, like plastic tubing or metal covering, protects the wiring (and the people in your building) from potential accidents.

Phases of Power – Commercial properties require a higher volume of electricity. Because of this, three-phase wiring is needed for most buildings. This style of wiring allows even distribution of electricity between wires. Creating a higher, more efficient energy supply that is designed to meet the demands of the building.

Having your commercial electrical system properly installed can have a large impact on your building’s productivity, safety and success.

maintaining your commercial electrical system

An electrical system may appear fine on the outside but, it may be a different case on the inside. In fact, the majority of electrical system failures tend to occur due to a lack of internal electrical maintenance.

In a commercial setting, an electrical system is used constantly and exposed to many environmental changes.

These elements can lead to an overload of the equipment, as well as wear and tear. That is why having a regular maintenance program for electrical equipment is vital to the health and safety of your building.

This regular maintenance ensures that daily operations and performance of the system are maintained. While also allowing the system to avoid breakdowns or failures.

Commercial electrical systems are complex. This means their constant usage and workload demands typically leads to a “when ” will the electrical system fail, not “if” it will fail.

This is especially true if there is an irregular maintenance schedule for the electrical system. By ignoring your recommended maintenance schedule, expect that the performance and life expectancy the building system to be short-lived.

A system failure can lead to numerous workspace issues. These issues can compromise the success and productivity of a business.

Common issues that are seen during a commercial electrical failure include:

  • Lack of productivity due to insufficient power of office equipment
  • Inability to communicate with clients and partners
  • Potential electrical accidents
  • Damage to the building and its employees
  • Reduced Workflow efficiency within the workspace

To ensure that a commercial electrical system is functioning at full capacity, it is recommended that you schedule your commercial properties electrical maintenance every 3 – 5 years.

It is also recommended that along with your routine maintenance that you conduct an annual electrical safety inspection. This inspection is vital to workplace health and safety. Providing you insight into any potential problems that may arise in the future.

Investing your commercial property’s scheduled electrical maintenance plan can lead to many benefits that maximise the productivity of a business. Maintaining your buildings electrical equipment can lead to:

  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Better protection of appliances
  • Improved safety from fires
  • Lowered risk of electrical accidents

Are you ready to put a scheduled maintenance plan into action? 

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repairing commercial electrical systems

There are going to be times that repairs will be required on your commercial system. These repairs are typically needed when a poor maintenance inspection has occurred, where oversight has missed a growing issue.

Unchecked or missed problems can lead to a critical failure of the system. Causing chaos and disruption in the workplace, and posing potential dangers as well.

Any electrical problem discovered should be handled immediately by a professional commercial electrician. By taking charge and fixing the problem urgently, you reduce the danger and inconvenience that it may impose on the building and workers.

Here are a few warning signs that may mean your commercial property is in need of electrical repairs:

Electrical Surges – Does your building contain high powered equipment such as elevators, or commercial air conditioners or refrigerators? If so you have a high chance of experiencing electrical surges. These typically occur with equipment that takes a lot of power and is experiencing faults in the wiring.

Prolonged exposure can lead to permanent damage to electrical equipment and life expectancy. Which is why these surges should be deal with immediately.

Power Sags and dips – Have you noticed that your building is experiencing a lack of power? This can be a sign of a fault in your power grid, which is causing the power to sag and dip. What this means, is your power grid is overworking and trying to compensate for the required energy supply.

Not getting this problem fixed straight away can lead to some very high electricity bills, and expensive costs down the road.

Light bulbs burning out fast – If you’re noticing your lightbulbs are burning out quickly, its a sure sign of something wrong with your buildings electrics. Bulbs burning out is typically a sign of on of three things:

  • The voltage is to high in your building
  • The wiring to your lights is poorly installed
  • There is too much insulation

You might be happy to keep replacing light bulbs. However, it is best practice to get these issues solved, as they can end up being a bigger problem down the road.

There may be instances where you urgently need repair to your commercial electrical system. If you find yourself needing help, ensure that you hire a professionally trained electrician to get the job done.

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