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Where can I find commercial electrical tenders for projects in Western Australia?

If you are an active contractor or business looking to gain new commercial projects and build your business, then look no more. This short article will give you the knowledge you need to confidently acquire tenders for your business to help you grow.

Firstly, where DO you find commercial electrical tenders?

You can locate most commercial electrical tenders through online tender websites that enable you to quickly connect with the client for a contracted job. (Sources below)

If you are looking to contract a commercial electrical project or seeking a tender for one; it is essential to solidify your understanding of commercial projects and the process of bidding for commercial tenders.

What is a commercial project?

When it comes to a commercial project, there is a difference between a residential and commercial electrical project.

A key difference is that commercial electrical projects involve specific set of skills orienteered for commercial buildings.  

Commercial projects for a building usually have more demanding needs, due to the complexity of wiring having to reach all parts of the building while being safely secured. 

The skills involved relate to the setup of electrical wiring and phases of powering in a commercial setting. These processes require different materials, equipment and knowledge to ensure smooth functionality.

Residential projects typically have a much less extensive electrical setup where the powering and wiring process is simplified.

Commercial electrical projects are typically electrical jobs that help improve/maintain security, safety and daily operations of a business. These projects usually include repair, installation and maintenance of:

  • Breakers,
  • Building Safety Checks
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fuse Upgrades
  • Outlets
  • Rewiring
  • Ground Fault Protection (Also known as RCD’s)

What is a Commercial Tender And Why Submit?

One of the basic things about business is that people prefer to get projects done at the lowest cost.

A commercial tender is a process where firms or agencies bid for a project tasked by the client. This tender process also requires the bidding firm to submit their plans, proposals and deadline for the project and how they will be addressing the task.

For a commercial electrical company, submitting their plans means the client is clearly able to see their intended plans to complete the project set by the client

As clients want to be able to choose the most effective and efficient company, commercial electrical companies need to establish a strong proposal that accurately addresses the project to showcase their capability and professionalism.

No client wants to risk damaging their business by assigning their project to a company that will diminish their reputation and professional value. 

Many construction firms often try to offer a tender to electrical companies to assist them in building commercial real estate.

As they have their own plans to work on, they aim to hire an external electrical company will help get their electrical plans done in the most cost-effective manner.

Here Are a Few Websites Where You Can Find Out How to Tender for Commercial Projects.

Illion Tenderlink is a gateway that links firms and contractors together.

Established in 1994, illion Tenderlink is one of Australia’s largest online procurement communities.

Illion Tenderlink offers a range of services to buyers and suppliers alike allowing for the advertisement and management of tenders, quotes and expressions of interest.

 In other words, firms can find contractors and publish invitations for tender, show interest in a project and get quotes from potential contractors.

Illion Tenderlink also provide a range of tools and workshops to help you get upskilled on the market to ensure you are able to make a confident decision. 

2. Estimate One

EstimateOne is a unique tender website that has been built by construction professionals for construction professionals.

Being built by professionals, EstimateOne understands what contractors need.

Their service aims to help simplify and better manage quotations, tenders and expressions of interests for a project. Allowing their clients to better manage their time and have more freedom to themselves.

With the goal of helping their clients find more opportunities. EstimateOne uses a unique interface that allows contractors simultaneously balance tenders sent to firms, projects they have been given, easily find opportunities and receive invitations or requests.

EstimateOne also provides the ability of a watchlist feature with an address book to ensure that you do not miss out on a project opportunity that you might be interested in.

Australian Tenders enables you the ability to actively search for tender projects nation-wide.

Not only will you find electrical tenders, you can also search a range of different projects being tendered from cleaning, construction, engineering and finances.  

This is essentially beneficial if you have existing businesses in the different regions and wish to obtain new business for the company.

By searching by keyword or for region, you can quickly pull up prospective projects for your contracting firm to chase after.

If you are unsure about how to format your tender proposal to ensure a competitive edge, you can opt to have a skilled professional assist you.

Tenderwise is a professional writing service that drafts compelling tender responses and showcases the best of your business.

This can be highly beneficial if you lack the time or experience to write an insightful brief and want to acquire the project quickly.

Tenderwise ensures a clear flow of information of your business/plan and how you plan to achieve it at minimal cost. Effectively allowing for seamless communication to the client to leave a professional and valuable impression

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