Electrical Device Checklist

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Summer is here and the sun is heating right up!

Now is the time to think about your electrical devices and whether they are working to their full capacity. Regular maintenance isn’t the first thing on property or business owner’s minds but it has a range of benefits that aren’t even considered. You can save on your bank balance with regular maintenance and servicing of your electrical equipment and ensure the safety of your family or employees. It is too often we see homes and lives lost from electrical faults which could have been saved by simple device checks. When it comes to electrical maintenance around your home or office, our KNP Perth Electricians have compiled a list for property owners to ensure their electrical equipment is kept in perfect working condition.

Smoke Alarms

Number one is your smoke detector! Does your home have smoke detectors at all?

Time for action! For residential properties that have smoke alarms installed half the time they don’t even have batteries in them or are flat. You should check your detectors on a monthly basis and ensure they are working condition. Majority of models have a button which says “test” and if you push this is will make the detector beep. This ensure the battery is in working order, if there is not response then it’s time for a replacement battery.

Ensuring regular maintenance for replacing your units, should be a high priority. If you have been in your home for over 5 years, then you properly haven’t replaced your fixed smoke detectors as they generally have a life span of 10 years. As they are battery operated you should check as the safety of your home and occupants may be at risk.

RCDs / Safety Switches

How many times have you plugged in an appliance and it has caused a short circuit which disconnected the power to your home instantly? This is in place to reduce the chances of receiving fatal electric shock and times time for a new appliance! This is an example of how important ensuring your home is fully equipped with safety switches or RCDs.

The Safety Switch will also stop the power to your home if any electrical wiring has become faulty over the years so ensure they are working is very important. Visit your electrical switchboard and find the safety switch. There will be a test button on it and if you press the button, all power will be disconnected to your home. This is another electrical device that should be checked monthly and if it’s not working, one of our fully qualified KNP Perth Electricians can immediately replace it for you.

Power Outlets and Switches

Your power outlets and switches are the easy part. Check for distinctive signs of wear and tear or have they been pushed into the wall too far? This causes damage to the outlets and will require replacing before it becomes hazardous. As property owners shouldn’t be installing their own electrical devices, give one of our fully qualified KNP Perth Electricians a call and we can install them for you.

Ensuring to your electrical devices are in working order is very important in your home or office. Ignoring electrical safety can have disastrous consequences if you don’t ensure your home or property is protected. Being cautious of common signs of electrical faults and ensuring electrical safety precautions are in place can reduce the risk of fire or even injuries from faulty electrical wiring or appliances. Being alert and aware of warning signs will increase your electrical safety at home and keep your home safe.

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