Faulty Wiring around your Home

Multiple power adapters plugged into each other

When your home begins to age or you are currently living in an older house, they tend to need extra attention and care especially when it comes to electricity and your homes electrical wiring. Faulty wiring isn’t always easy to spot but certain indications can raise your awareness to issues that might not be directly in front of you but behind walls and in ceilings. The following electrical issues can raise your awareness to electrical faults around your home.

Fuses or Breakers Tripping Out

Circuit breakers are installed to aid in the prevention of electrocution of fire by tripping or cutting the power supply when the consistent flow of electricity is malformed to your home. Fuses perform the same job as a circuit breaker but they need to be replaced every time they blow out. If you tend to notice that a circuit breaker or fuse is tripping frequently, then this could mean there is a fault in the wiring around the home in the circuit. If this occurs you should call your local Perth Electrician to examine the wiring around your home as soon as you can.

Discolouring of Switches

If you notice that your power outlets tend to look discoloured, they should be replaced right away. If a lose connection or faulty wiring is present it can cause the socket A loose connection or faulty wiring can cause the socket to arc and produce a small fire. This is what causes the discolouration of the surface of the socket.

Flickering of Lights

Dimming of lights can occur when an appliance or electrical good- that uses a large amount of power is switched on and plugged in. This is considered normal even though good wiring should ensure the rare occasion of dimming. If you find that your lights are flickering often it can be a sign that faulty wiring is present or a circuit breaker may need to be replaced.

Shocks from Sockets and Switches

If a socket or switch gives you an electrical shock your can be sure there is a fault in your wiring somewhere in your home. There could be a wiring problem with an appliance plugged into a socket or it could be an outlet, either way it’s dangerous and should be examined by a qualified Perth Electrician.

Burning Smells

If you ever come across a burning smell around your home you should never ignore it. These smells can be caused by a brief burn and have a distinctive scent. If you smell such a scent you should contact your local Domestic Perth Electrician immediately. Ensure you turn off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse so your professional Perth Electrician can examine the circuit.

Faulty wiring can be dangerous and cause major problems if left unattended to. If you suspect your home may have faulty wiring problems, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professional Perth electricians at KNP Electrics Perth, who have extensive experience in electrical maintenance. KNP Electrics has a team of professionals who are experienced in conducting home safety audits and inspections. One of our qualified Perth Electricians can examine the wiring in your home and replace any parts where necessary.

Our Electrical Services Perth are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and our Perth Electricians are based in Perth to enable a professional and prompt response. KNP Electricians work with you to step by step offering experienced advice on design, safety and practicality, which when coupled with our efficient, friendly service, guarantee the safety of your commercial business. We take pride in all of our work and every job requires the highest level of our attention to detail.

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